The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims is probably the biggest problem Europe is facing only second to the economic crisis. A problem that exists mainly because we have been fooled. Tricked by a handful of extremists into choosing sides.

The extremists on one side are the Islamists with right-wing extremists on the other. Most of us who are left leaning have been too respectful to the Islamists’ “cultural rights”, while those with right wing tendencies tend to see extremists on their side as “having a point” even though they may not completely agree with their tactics.

We, the moderates, the absolute majority have been doing it all wrong. Unlike other issues such as economical and environmental where our differences are healthy in a democratic environment, on this issue we need to unite because we have a common enemy that is becoming extremely dangerous in our continent. It has already claimed hundreds of innocent lives and can lead to rising tensions that can get our of control.

The enemies are the extremists – on both sides – because even though they hate each other bitterly, their similarities are striking.

In spite of our differences, we the moderates should speak one uncompromising voice to these people. If you permit me, I will suggest the attitude we should take.

Towards the Islamist:

“You hate freedom of speech, yet you abused it left, right and centre. No, you don’t have a right to agitate people, tell them to hate others and even murder them. Neither do you have any “cultural” right to mutilate your daughter’s body or imprison your wife.


You have insulted practically everyone and we don’t give a shit if you feel offended. If you insist on giving sermons of hatred, you’ll soon be delivering speeches to the rats and cockroaches in a cell in solitary confinement”


Towards right-wing extremists:

“Snatching the veil from a Muslim woman or painting swastikas on Mosques isn’t going to make your cock and longer, so get over it.


Just in case you happen to actually believe that you are harming Islamists and helping your country, then you’re even more stupid than I thought. You’re not hurting the hateful Imam but helping him. He may look offended but in actual fact he’s enjoying every single moment of it. You are justifying his claims that we the infidels are a nasty bunch and deserve to be killed. You are scaring his wives of the cold world outside and allowing him to abuse them more at the comfort of his home. Idiot!


That said, I still believe the main cause of your hatred is your own sexual inadequacies”

Needless to say these arguments are very simplistic since this is a blog not an academic study. One has to keep in mind that these extremists come in various forms. Not all right wing extremists are violent thugs with swastikas painted on their faces while some Islamists manage to sugar coat their words and appear less threatening.

There are also various ideological differences amongst the extremists. Some right wing extremists don’t see eye to eye because of Jews (some ally with them because they consider them common enemies of Islam while others want to finish what Hitler started). They also differ amongst themselves on basis of nationality. On the other hand, Islamists come from different sects, most of whom don’t see eye to eye either.

However, despite this being simplistic, I do believe it is a good starting point on this crucial issue. Whatever we do there will always be unrepentant extremists. For those, the only solution is the strong hand of the law.