Born in 1978 in a Catholic, yet reasonably progressive family. Eight years later my younger brother Andre was born, who like me inherited strong social and environmentally conscious values.

I graduated in social work in 2001, and worked as a social worker since.

In 2006 I joined Alternattiva Demokratika though I had been interested in national and international Green politics for at least a decade, during which I wrote several articles and gave a helping hand every now and then to NGO’s who held similar beliefs. I contested general elections on behalf of AD in 2013.

My soft spot in politics, apart from the environment, is that of Human Rights especially those of minorities such as people with mental health problems, prisoners and former prisoners, migrants and LGBT. I’ve also have strong convictions against the ongoing “war on drugs” which I believe is causing a lot of unnecessary harm and suffering to numerous people

Apart from politics, my passion is music. I have been playing guitar since I was 15, and was involved in different types of music, most of which are sub genres of Rock. Music helps me express myself in lyrics and songwriting.

My musical influences are too numerous to mention but if I had to point a few out I’d definitely include bands like Black Sabbath,  Manic Street Preachers, Trouble, White Lion, The Clash, Blind Guardian, System of a Down, Beatles, Rollong Stones, Rainbow and Blackmore’s Night.

I play and write songs for a local band called Blue Sky Abyss.

This blogsite for me is an opportunity to share my beliefs with people who have my same vision, and, even more so with people who don’t.


10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Victor Galea Says:

    Well done Robert.

    Always “Zomm sod”…so much to be done!



  2. Colette Farrugia Bennett Says:

    well done Robert.
    from a fellow social worker

  3. Stef Says:

    Hey Rob,

    Well done and keep it up for the blogsite and for the interesting reflections and articles that you upload. Please keep on writing.


  4. Claire Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Very nice blogsite and its really nice to share your reflections with people , its a way of expressing yourself and who you are . Keep me updated 😉 very interesting points you dropped ..

  5. Ian Cremona Says:

    Nice site, I always like listening to your views

    1. robertcallus Says:

      Cheers Ian

  6. Natali Glezou Says:

    What can I say?…..
    The last paragraph ….that we should learn from the history… that of Stalin’s and Hitler’s… NO OTHER WALLS,HATRED,FEAR AND IGNORANCE…

    Europe, should show, its political civilisation…in favour of human rights, restoration of Democracy to other countries suffering from fascist regimes, against wars and tortures, DEATH PENALTIES…..against walls,temporary holding centres for immigrants…These places… remind me something else…..

    We should treat immigrants as human beings….
    No other walls or dividing lines…………..

    You gave me courage.. reading your thoughts…

    Thank you………….

    Great article

  7. Great site, Robert.
    I share many of your beliefs, being a social worker like you.
    Poverty and social exclusion are my areas.
    Keep up the good work

  8. Lawrence Says:

    Hey Robert good luck and keep the good work.

  9. Lian Renaud Says:

    Thank you for your support regarding Norways Muslims protect synagogue……….I fully identify with many of your view points!!!!
    You may find me in The Dictionary of Artists who Painted Malta,under the name of Renaud.I admire your enthusiasm and obvious energy to make this a better place for society,regardless of religion race,or even social position.

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