Climate change is happening, and without doubt it is caused by human activity. I’m a sceptic and before (if ever) I believe something of such magnitude I question and question again for fear of being lied to or manipulated. Yet I doubtlessly believe that the main reason for climate change is human activity.

I am no scientist and do not pretend to be one. My arguments are not scientific. Like many others I was explained the reasons for this phenomenon by scientists who made it simple for me to do so. Their reasons seem valid. I’ve also heard the point of view of those who believe this is a hoax, and their arguments seem too simplistic and crude for me to believe. For example these claim that temperature is not increasing in direct relationship with our Co2 emissions. From the little science I know, I never thought that change in human activity will have an immediate impact, positive or negative, on the whole world. Neither do I expect to see that when in a particular year Co2 emissions decreased the world will start cooling instantly.

However, being a sceptic and not being a scientist, this alone would not have convinced me. I also needed to take a look at the politics of the issue.

Conspiracy theories on anything are abundant. While many consider these theorists as crazy, they actually have serious impacts on world politics. A large number of people in the world believe in some conspiracy, refuse to reason with anyone who tries to show them they should at least question their beliefs and spend their life nibbling their nails and making video clips for Youtube. These vary from a New World Order or the Islamification of the world, to others which are less famous such as the re-unification of the Soviet Union or the European Union’s ‘plan’ to become a military superpower and invade the US.

However, climate change has an element that puts it on a completely different level than these bullshit theories. It is not being endorsed by some fringe groups but by nearly all leaders of the world. These include the US and other major countries who financially speaking have a lot to lose by accepting it. Even President George W. Bush, who tried to find as many loopholes as possible so that the US doesn’t embark on any major reform, didn’t deny it.

Let’s compare the climate change reality with what probably is the biggest conspiracy theory of our times: the creation of a New World Order. They have one similar thing – there is evidence for both. The climate is changing (even those who believe this is a hoax accept this, they just believe it’s not related to human activity), the glaciers are melting and anomalies in nature are taking place. Similarly the New World Order conspiracy too is based on realities – 9/11 did happen against all odds, people are greedy and want to control the world, and privacy is being eroded. What this lunatic fringe believes is that these realities are created by rogue activities from the Vatican, the former KGB, Bin Laden’s family and thousands of others (the most paranoid even include Jesus Christ). They are sure that all these entities are conspiring between them to take complete control of us; that 9/11 was an inside job done by Americans; and that we will soon be forced to wear a microchip in our right hand so that the NWO leaders could control us completely. (Oh and yes, the microchip is even mentioned in the Bible, in the Book of Revelations!)

And who is leading this conspiracy movement? I don’t know. Does anyone? Information is spread mostly through emails and internet sites from people who are either anonymous or have all the possibility to create a false profile. We can’t point our fingers or poke our questions to a particular individual because there is no individual.

With climate change it’s quite different, the opposite actually. Fingers were pointed at many politicians and scientists, but the latest personality who has to blame for all this is Al Gore. After losing an election he compiled a thorough documentary (An Inconvenient Truth). We are talking about Al Gore, US Presidential candidate who did not hide behind an Internet screen for exposing this reality. He is backed by practically every leader of the world, most notably President Nasheed of the Maldives. The latter is of vital importance because his country is the  most severely hit by this inconvenient truth. Ever seen those beautiful small islands on travel brochures, a holidaymaker’s dream? They are literally drowning and unless something is urgently done they will soon vanish.


For most of us climate change is a reality. Some want to deny it. There are billions of profit to be lost from reacting to it in a sane way. They have attempted to label Al Gore as a Communist and a lunatic. And we, Greens, socialists and all those who love the world we live in are the bad guys. We are either conspiring with him for personal power or we must be paranoid like the NWO crazies. They say the cause is just ‘the sun’.

They will never convince the majority of course. However they will partly attain what they want to – put doubt in the equation. Unfortunately, this is not an ego game of ‘we have more people believing in us than you’. This is an emergency