Muslim extremists in Europe are a problem. They should be treated as such and I, for one, completely disagree with apologizing for their excesses in the name of cultural relativism.

They can’t be integrated into mainstream society because they don’t want to, they hate democracy and worst of all, some of them believe in violence and carnage as the way forward.

They are also an extremely tiny minority of Muslims in Europe. (In fact, though I know many Muslims, I’ve never met an extremist myself)

As a reaction to this problem another, larger problem is being created in most European countries: The anti-Islam far right. Though many times this group uses the excuse they’re only against Muslim extremists and not Abdul next door, their actions frequently show otherwise.

Some, like the English Defence League (EDL) take the streets. Their “peaceful protests” usually end up with people getting hurt nearly every time. And the ones who get hurt are never Muslim extremists but anti-racists exercising their legitimate right to have a counter protest, the guy selling kebabs who happens to be in the wrong time and at the wrong place or the police who try to stop them.

Others, like Geert Wilders in the Netherlands take the polls and get elected in Parliament. They do not commit violence personally but come out with obnoxious ideas like banning the Koran. Then there are others like Golden Dawn in Greece who do both: beat people up and contest elections. Once again the victims are rarely Muslim extremists. The one who gets hurt is Abdul next door, minding his own business.

What the assorted anti-Muslim rednecks don’t realize (or won’t admit) is that there is a category of people benefiting from their actions. And that category is: Muslim extremists.


Abdul next door, by which I mean the absolute majority of Muslims in Europe, has absolutely no interest in imposing his religion on others. He prays five times a day, fasts in the Ramadan and wants to carry on with his life. For him, religion is not a political issue.

For Muslim extremists it’s completely different. Religion is a political issue and people like Geert Wilders, Marine le Pen or the EDL are pretty busy doing this job for them. They may pretend they are angry and chant “burn in hell” but in reality they are enjoying themselves.

Because they know pretty well that if the Turkish kebab guy gets beaten by the EDL, it would be easier for them to recruit him. Because they know that when Geert Wilders suggests the banning of the Koran, they can play the victims: “Our religion is under threat, come join us”. Thanks Geert!

Not only that. Playing the victims also helps to attract the sympathy of non-Muslims. “Look what they’re doing to us”. Some, who would have otherwise been questioning they way they treat their women, now view them as the oppressed rather than the oppressors.

So what should we do about Muslim extremists? Aside from intelligence and security to curb the violent ones, there is only one solution: Treat them for what they are. Stupid clowns with a massive ego looking for attention. Never take them seriously.

And I’ve never seen anyone doing this better than these atheists during a convention in Australia: