When Ray Paul attended an activity with African immigrants, no one suspected anything of the inconspicuous looking guy who came accompanied by his Somali friend.

When far-right terrorist Anders Breivik identified Richard the Lionhearthed aka Ray Paul as his mentor I wouldn’t have suspected anything hadn’t a friend called me “He was there, the guy Breivik is talking about was there at the Valletta activity”

After doing some Internet research about Ray Paul , I found the real reason why he was clapping and singing to African rhythms that day.

While I do not think Paul Ray is a violent person, he’s clearly an obsessed fanatic. What was he doing at the activity, as well as during a visit to Marsa Open Centre befriending Somalis and asking them about the Al Shabbab? He was looking for terrorists, Muslim terrorists.

It seems that while this guy sees Muslim terrorists everywhere, he ended up inspiring one of the worst terrorists in modern European history.

Not only that. He also brought to Malta a former terrorist from Northern Ireland, Johnny (Mad Dog) Adair, and former neo-Nazi Nick (Mad Nick) Greger:

The following is in fact a documentary about these two men, dubbed as “two of the most dangerous men in Europe”

Interesting to note that both Adair and Greger accompanied Ray Paul to Marsa, looking for…..terrorists!

Like I’ve argued in other posts, far right and Muslim extremists are just two sides of the same coin. Most of them (like Paul Ray, or some radical Imam) are not violent people and probably neither condone violence. Yet, with their obsessions of hatred against the other side, they inspire people like Breivik or Mohamed Mehmet to go out on a killing rampage.

It seems these two groups are in a love-hate relationship with each other. As much as they hate each other, they owe their survival to each other.