Most of the people who claim they are against multiculturalism, in reality don’t know what the word really means. Forget the debates about cultural relativism, citizenship or whatever policy is being drafted, for them it’s the simplistic notion of “people of different cultures living in the same country”.

For the purposes of this particular blog, the word multiculturalism is referring to the simplistic definition mentioned above.

For those who claim they are “against multiculturalism”, I have bad news. You’re not going to stop it. Forget it. You can vote in as many far-right parties as you want, your hated multiculti is here to stay.

Multiculturalism has been with us since the end of time. The only thing that changed in the last few decades is that it’s happening quicker. Globalization brought with it faster and cheaper travel and communications. It doesn’t take a month to travel from Malta to Australia anymore and you can date a Chinese girl you met on the Internet. You find Turkish kebabs in Sweden and McDonalds in Iraq. So on and so forth.

All sorts of genocides and atrocities tried to stop it: all of them failed. There still are a lot of Armenians in Turkey, Jews in Germany, Serbs in Bosnia and Tutsi in Rwanda. There are ethnic, religious and cultural minorities in every country in the world.

Except for one.

The only hope for the anti-multiculti is in a land where the sun only shines if the Supreme Leader wakes up in a good mood, and where thanks to the heavily censored media the residents think the National football team had won matches when in reality it had lost. It’s a country where most people believe the Supreme Leader was miraculously born in a well, and everyone enjoys free speech as long as it involves only praise to the leader.

The Supreme Leader of this country has also protected it from your hated multiculti. Only a few thousand people enter the country each year, most of whom are diplomats. Only one tourist agency in the world can take you there, only if you leave from China after acquiring really hard to get special permits. The borders are heavily protected and if you’re a tourist you don’t really have much opportunity to meet the locals. You can’t infiltrate the country through the Internet either, because what the people have access to is decided by the Supreme Leader whom everybody loves since it’s illegal not to love him.

Nobody comes in, nobody goes out.

You want to stop multiculti? Go for it brainchild.

Just one little advice from my side if you don’t mind: The only reason the people in this single-culture paradise are not leaving is that they can’t.