The Ivorians say it about the Mali’s, the Dutch about the Poles. The Indonesians about the Chinese, the Germans about the French. And the Maltese about the Somali. All in a one big chorus: THEY TOOK OUR JOBS:


Unfortunately few seem to realize that jobs are not charity. People don’t take jobs, they work them.


Putting that aside, has one noticed that in Malta when we talk about the Africans, the chorus has changed it’s words. Now the trend is: THEY TAKE OUR SOCIAL BENEFITS.


Obviously they are wrong. The first thing most African immigrants do after leaving detention is start looking for a job. And find it, because contrary to popular racist belief, most are hard working honest people who want to make a decent living.


Where most of tax money is going, isn’t in social benefits (which most Africans take for a very short period of time and in very small amounts). The bulk of the money is wasted (yes, wasted) in the long periods African migrants spend in “administrative” detention. Ironically, the “we’re paying tax money” brigade is usually on the forefront backing the government to keep migrants detained. Some even want to increase that period!


Yes migrants work our jobs. It’s been happening since the end of time. You just didn’t notice because it because they were white, stupid. It happens everywhere. Work is the primary reason why people migrate.


And guess what. Do these people know that there are some 1.5 million Maltese live in othe countries? And like the Africans in Malta, a few of them do happen to take social benefits for a while. But what the majority of these 1.5 million Maltese is doing is: TAKING THEIR JOBS.