One of the anti-divorce arguments is that “what God has joined together can’t be undone by man”. Keeping in mind that the pro-divorce movement is only asking for a divorce in the case of civil marriages not faith ones, this argument goes directly against the principle of a secular country.

However, even worse than that, I find this outright offensive and discriminatory towards those thousands of Maltese citizens who are either atheist or agnostic. Offensive not only towards the civil right to divorce, but also a more basic right – getting married.

How could “God” unite two people when at least one of them does not even believe that God exists? Should these person/s deny their lack of belief and pretend they believe in God in order to be ‘awarded’ the right to get married?

Unfortunately, as to how much secular a country should be there seems to be quite a controversy. However there is nearly a consensus that everyone can practice whatever religion s/he wants unless it breaks the country’s criminal laws. Yet, while not believing in God and getting married are not criminal offenses, this argument that only God joins people in marriage is a grave denial rights towards the largest religious minority in our country.