Following the Lou Bondi programme in which he interviewed Norman Lowell, there was one thing that really struck me. Among the offended parties – people with a disability, parents of adopted African children, and anti-racists – one group didn’t even raise a small voice: Gift of Life. Yes, a group so touchy on anything that might compromise the life of the unborn child said absolutely nothing when a man in front of Malta’s national station advocated the abortion of children with a disability, not only in the first couple of weeks since conception but up to one hour following the unwanted child’s birth. In fact, GoL’s deafening silence during all this controversy made me think the movement had quit existing.

I was wrong. Once again GoL are attacking Partit Laburista’s MEP’s for voting in favor of a resolution that mainly targets poverty and the Millenium Development Goals which also has a fleeting statement regarding reproductive rights.

They’re still around. Why the silence on Lowell then? In my opinion there is only one reason. Since Lowell is unelectable in Malta he is no threat to the Nationalist Party. In fact, with the obvious exception of Dr Rebekka Gomberts, the only people confronted (and misquoted) by GoL were either involved in the PL or AD.

Stinks of political blackmail, doesn’t it? But there’s more. I do not believe that GoL have saved the life of a single unborn child. I’ll explain why.

Apart from being part of the PN propaganda machine, GoL have only one goal – entrenching abortion into the Maltese Constitution. This doesn’t make any sense since abortion is already considered illegal in Malta’s Criminal Code. And by the nature of the law, it finds itself in the right place. Why this obsession on the entrenching abortion in the Constitution when there is so much that can be done? Things that will actually prevent abortions from taking place.

I will mention three:

1) Law enforcement: Has any doctor been arraigned for committing an abortion these last 10 years? Not that I’ve heard of. Are abortions taking place in Malta? If no, why the fuss? If yes, how about directing your cannons towards the illegalities going on? Discussions with the Police maybe, or asking the public for information that may help hunting these doctors down? I don’t think entrenching abortion will deter any abortionist. Seeing your colleagues ripped of their warrant and behind bars is another thing though.

2) Sex education: The absolute majority of abortions take place for one reason – unwanted pregnancies. In the EU, Malta has one of the highest rates of casual sex, yet one of the lowest when it comes to the use of contraceptives. Doesn’t that ring an alarm bell somewhere? How about having less women wanting to have an abortion?

3) Empowering women: There are various reasons why some women want to abort their babies. Some of them include the need to work, either because the woman has a career or because she risks falling in the poverty trap. Yet, from GoL, I have never heard a single word regarding extended maternity leave (which is in question right now due to an EU ruling), child care centres at the place of work and enforcing laws on women being treated unfairly at the place of work. Never. Neither have I ever heard a word on social benefits for single parents who can’t work in order to raise children, or increasing Children’s Allowance for couples where the mother’s full time job is raising children.

Personally I am against abortion, which is one of the reasons why I object to the tactics of this movement. If you have read this article, I’d like you to be honest: What will save more lives of unborn children, my proposals or those of GoL?