My blood is boiling. The Palestinian issue is much at heart. However, the outrageous words the Israeli Ambassador for Malta said, also offend me personally, as a Maltese citizen.

Israel did not just steal most of the Palestinian land. With the excuse of terrorism it also controls the little that it left for the Palestinian people. In the little spit the Palestinians have, Israel has created a buffer zone, to protect itself. This so called ‘conflict zone’ is in an area where Palestinian tend their fields. Needless to say, the Palestinians are angry. So are those who support their cause.

As an activist, a human being who hates injustice, Maltese national Bianca Zammit, apart from voluntary work with the Palestinian people, decided to attend a peacful protest inside this so called ‘conflict zone’. During this protest, she was shot at by an Israeli sniper. How could this be justified?

However, Mr Gideon Meir, Israeli ambassador for Malta wants to justify the unjustifiable. He skips every limit by claiming that Bianca was ‘sent by Hamas’. What? Does this man expect us to believe such a lie?

Mr Meir is doing a big mistake. He seems to be forgetting that he is in Malta not the USA. Quite a difference isn’t it? Among other differences between Malta and the US is that fortunately our media is not controlled by ultra-rich Zionist lobby groups. Mr Meir is overseeing this difference. He also seems to be overseeing the fact that we the Maltese people have a brain, and most of us even use it.

There is a question I would like to ask Mr Meir.

Were is the buffer zone? Do you honestly expect the Palestinians and other people remain silent to this? Silent to the extent of not organising a peaceful protest in that zone? Or as Bianca herself said, to ‘hold Palestinian flags in Palestinian land’? Do you really want us to believe that such a thing is an act of terror?

I’ve never said this about a foreigner in Malta, but this time I have too. I’m too angry. “Please leave my country Mr Meir. Your presence is an insult.”