I felt disgusted and really disappointed that a political party that believes that AIDS is a blessing because it ‘mainly gets rid of fags, black and drug addicts’, that ‘Islam is a cancer’ or that ‘Hitler maybe went a bit too far’ managed to get two Members of the European Parliament elected.

However it didn’t take long to see the funny side of it. The fact that a substantial number of people voted for the British Nationalist Party (BNP) may have seemed scary at first, now I think the fact that these two idiots were elected is beneficial. Ok, maybe not for the British people, many of whom feel ashamed of them, but for those who like me have left leaning ideals. They managed to make themselves the ridicule of the right wing.

What they didn’t manage to do was forming a Party in the European Parliament for which you need a minimum of 26 elected people coming from 6 nations. They didn’t manage because even the most extreme right wing parties such as those of France and the Holland needed to distance themselves from these British morons. They knew it would only be harmful to their campaigns to endorse candidates from a party that not only hails Hitler, but also AIDS!

When one of these two especially Nick Griffin, speak one can see the other MEP’s with a blank face that states ‘who the hell voted for the village idiot?’ It is very rare that someone rebuts their arguments. The right wingers want to have nothing to do with them, while the leftists don’t even bother to answer. Even the expensive cafeterias in Brussels shunned them. Some even asked them politely to leave the place – bad publicity.

So, can the British antifascists please refrain from doing counter protests to their speeches or those of their sister organisation the ‘English Defence League, no matter what offensive things they are saying? Let them talk. That’s the worst thing one can do to them. Better still, rally people to listen to them. They will have the time of their life. To a couple of leftwing fanatics I only have this to say: Don’t you realise that throwing eggs at Nick Griffin turns the attention towards the eggs themselves rather that the absurd things he is saying?