“When you spit in the face of a weakling, he pretends it is raining. Does this apply to the president of the most powerful country in the world?”

These are the words of Uri Avreny an Israeli who is a fierce critic of his government when it comes to the Palestinian issue (considered as a ‘traitor’ by Zionists). He is referring to the continuing building of settlements in Palestinian territories, shunned down by the US. He calls it a spit in the face of the United States because no matter what Israel does, the US keeps up its support for it. What many people, including most Americans don’t know is that in reality the President of the United States is a weakling.

The way politics is done in most European countries is not that enviable. One of the reasons is that money is an important factor to who gets in power. However, in the US the situation is much worse. Money is the only factor that gets senators, congress members and Presidents elected. Here in Europe we can state what we believe in, and up to a certain extent this has some effect on the outcome of elections. In the US it is only a couple of extremely powerful lobbyists that make or break elections. They lobby by financing politicians. If a politician refuses to please them, he’s finished. One of the major lobbyists is the Zionist one. A group that also has a powerful stronghold on the media.

Unlike in Western Europe most Americans have not dwindled in their support for Israel’s state terrorism. How can one blame them when the media deliberately keeps them misinformed? And what can those who seek and manage to find the truth manage to do anyway? However we, Western Europeans can. Not only raise our voices, but also influence our governments’ decisions.

I welcomed the Stand for Palestine Malta Movement above all because it is soothing to watch people, whom I proudly say are friends of mine, getting involved in justice for others. I also welcomed it because I wanted Palestinians living in Malta, most of whom have relatives still being butchered in the Middle East, to know we can understand their pain.

However, the more I read about the issue, the more I realise is that our voice is not just one of support. It can send a political message to our government that we care about our Mediterranean brothers and sisters being humiliated, robbed and murdered in Palestine. I can also proudly say that at times our government has raised its voice on the ordeal of Palestinians.

I invite anyone who believes in social justice to join Stand for Palestine’s Facebook group and learn more about the issue:


If not us, living in a Mediterranean, democratic European country, who is in a better position to raise his voice against the atrocities committed on the Palestinian people?