Being agnostic one might easily believe I’m glad about the decision by the EU to ban Crucifix from public places in Italy on grounds of human rights. This couldn’t be further than the truth.

The Crucifix never bothered me at all. For many in my country it symbolises Christianity. For me it symbolises a revolutionary who was tortured and murdered fighting injustice. Having said that, rather than a symbol it would have been better if those who hail it in my country (the majority) would actually follow his admirable steps, something only practiced by a minority.

Had the circumstances been different I wouldn’t have bothered it was removed either. But as things stands this decision was taken at the worst time in the worst country – fascist Italy.

I can already imagine Berlusconi’s face, together with those of his accomplices in the Northern League, beam at this decision. After offending the Catholic church by their explicit sexist and racist attitudes, Silvio Berlusconi now has the opportunity to appear as the ultimate saviour of Christianity. Forget the sex scandals, the corruption charges. One may easily also forget the criminal offences committed by people in his government, worst of which having an MP convicted of arson attacks on Romanian communities. Now these criminals are enraged against pagans (secularists) and are determined to save Christianity (its symbols actually, quite a different thing).

To add insult to injury an organisation responsible for more than a thousand murders in hundred years in the U.S, the Ku Klux Klan is taking a tangible form in Italy. Ironically this is an organisation that discriminated against Catholics in the past, especially Italian migrants in the U.S.

But the Italian Clansmen, targeting mainly migrants, Jews and homosexuals, are promising they will be good boys and obey the law. Yet, like the mother organisation, they want to keep their masks and hoods. Ironically the reason for this is because they fear to be discriminated against. Being the patriots they claim to be I find no reason they should fear discrimination, unless obviously they were lying when they stated they will be law abiding, just like the mother organisation in the U.S did.

 The European Human Rights Commission has committed a grave mistake in banning crucifixes in Italy. It only makes it easier for these elected and non electing criminals dupe well meaning Catholic citizens towards them, to the extent of apologising them because of fear that atheists, secularist, Jews an Muslims would take their crosses away.

Apart from that, the EHRC has also shown it has no sense of priority. The Italian government is committing serious human rights breaches, from abusing from data of its people up to sending back potential refugees to Libya (a country with no obligation for granting asylum to those who need it), some of whom will meet their death.

If the EU doesn’t control these serious human rights abuses, while allowing criminal organisations such as the KKK take form, the crucifixes would soon be replaced by Swastikas. And yes, that does bother me. Actually it scares me.