Once again a circus with wild animals in captivity has come to entertain us this Christmas. Entertainment at the expense of endless torture of these wonderful, innocent creatures. One of the ultimate perversities of human beings. Definitely not my kind of entertainment.


When I did visit a circus, some 20 years ago it was different. There had been no education. My parents can honestly say they took me, a nine year old on a clean conscience. Probably, like myself, they though the animals were actually having fun.


Today we don’t have any excuse. Just in case one still has doubts, maybe this is a little eye opener on the horror circus animals have to endure.




However, my conscience is not the only reason that makes me prefer watching animals on National Geographic, and hopefully one day in a Safari, than in a circus. It’s that in the latter, they don’t even attract me anymore. An elephant, a tiger or an iguana isn’t itself in such a place. It’s not only held in captivity against any law of nature but it’s being persistently humiliated. It’s naked of the dignity its brothers and sisters enjoy in the wilderness. The show, the games it does are nothing more than a manifestation of its submission to its pervert owner. We take our children to watch these animals obey rules that weren’t meant for them in the first place.


The first reaction to this forthcoming circus, Circo Fantasy, is a negative one on the media. And that’s something very positive. I’m proud that most of my fellow Maltese people do have a conscience and disapprove of this brutality, while I’m disgusted with authorities giving the green light to this perversity.


However, the ball is in our court. We have to hit them where it hurts, which is the profit they make from this misery. We have to boycott any circus with animals and show the reason why. If we really love circuses, we will attend only those that are animal free. We still appreciate the greatness of a trapeze jumper, the accurateness of a juggler and the talent of a clown.


We love animals. We also want to see them. But when we do, be it on a screen or in the wildlife, we’ll see them living their free dignified life. We want to see them live, like they do on the Discovery Channel.


Take another step and join this Facebook Group. This year might be the last one our country is an accomplice to this misery.