The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is probably one of the most complicated in modern history. There are many forces involved, the media, the stubbornness from both sides, religion, history and deep rooted hatred, and of course Hamas. The terrorist organization is probably harming Palestine more that Israel. First the suicide bombers they used to send, and now the rockets targeted at Israel have killed people, many of whom were civilians. That makes it unacceptable for people like myself, because though I see Palestinians as victims and Israel as the aggressor, I also give a lot of value to life. And the life of a civilian Israeli national killed in the conflict has no lesser value of that of a Palestinian.

 Hamas Logo

However, the worst thing Hamas is doing is that though the number of casualties is about 1% compared to those inflicted by Israel, they are giving the Israeli government, a lame but good excuse to keep carrying on with the aggression. Yes I do blame Hamas as one of the main components of this senseless war.


Yet, as much as I blame Hamas, I don’t blame the Palestinian people, even the ones whose vote went to the election of Hamas. Why?


The main reason is that it’s next to impossible for many Palestinians to view reality objectively like the majority of people outside the region, including myself could do.


One has to understand that Hamas is not just a terrorist organization. It provides Palestinians basic needs especially medicine and education, as well as food and housing. True they are complicating matters, and maybe if they weren’t there Gaza would not have been made an open prison. But the Palestinian civilian doesn’t have the opportunity to see from a bird’s eye view. He sees Hamas as the ones who taught his children to read and write, to bring medicine to heal much of the pain of his people, especially the pain inflicted from the Israeli aggressors.


This could be simplistically be explained when compared to the way we view politics in Malta. It happened many times that people switched vote from a Party to another, because the Party they used to trust didn’t give them what they felt they deserved, while the other Party did. In many circumstances it is about jobs. Now what Hamas are providing is even more essential than jobs. An unemployed Maltese person, can still go and get medicated for free in a polyclinic or a hospital. But what if the policlinics and hospitals lack medicines? And someone else, even someone evil such as an organization like Hamas is providing such necessary things?


By their tactics, Israel are making Hamas stronger then ever. Building a wall around Gaza depriving it from its needs was already one thing. Bombing Gaza added insult to injury. Yes, Hamas fighters did hide themselves around civilians, but that’s no excuse for Israel to bomb the place left right and centre, killing hundreds (till now) of civilians including children. Or worse still hitting even Red Cross aid workers and a school controlled by the UN.