First of all I’d like to congratulate our President in waiting George Abela. He deserves to be a President, and in my opinion this is a victory for the majority of people in this country.


The only thing I disliked was the fact that the PN and PL are making the most political mileage possible out of this. I’m also nearly sure that the reason he was chosen was that of personal interest of the two main parties. It was mostly a coincidence that this choice is beneficial for the country.


I believe this one of the reasons Abela was chosen was in terms of image for the main parties. It looks good that a blue government chooses a President coming from a red background. The PL also gained in terms of how they, especially their new leader are portrayed. Joseph Muscat, united the Party, which included making amends with Abela and bringing him back in the political sphere, then most of the Party voted for him.


However, the primary reason for this choice is technical, and I believe it favors the PN more. George Abela is a charismatic person, and one that is not blinded by the color of the Party he forms. When he felt he disagreed, he’s shown it, and even resigned. The effect of this is the fact that by next election, he would have definitely attracted the votes of floating voters, as well as those of people who otherwise would have voted AD, not voting at all, and even some who might have voted the PN. By becoming President he was out of the way.


Some PL MP’s also had to gain. Unlike what many people think, the majority of people contesting elections first priority is not that their Party is in government, but that they get elected themselves. If your Party is in government but you are not an MP, there is much less to gain. Thus, for people who might have been contesting in Abela’s same district, the no1 competitor is gone. Better still, gone with no hard feelings – he’s to become the President.


I don’t want to exclude the fact that probably there were MP’s from both sides who voted for George Abela for his assets as a human being, an honest person with a lot of integrity. However for me it’s hard to sink in that this was the main motive