I’ve written and spoken (newspapers, protest) a lot about the latest tragic situation in Palestine. It’s kind of easy and comfortable actually to sit behind a screen and talk about these children (and adults) being bombed without having essential things such as food and medicine. It makes you feel good, that you’re doing something. But do people like me really understand what it means?


Today I woke up with inflammated gums. It’s one of the most painful things I experience and can’t stand. I could barely eat. Luckily there are antibiotics, painkillers and liquid food. I can’t imagine living without such things.


Then I thought about the people in Gaza. Maybe a stupid thought, maybe not. What if I had inflammated gums there? Without the much needed medicine. Not without liquid food, but without food at all? How could hell be any worse? All of this combined with constant bullets and bombs; people losing parts of their body, without painkillers in an overcrowded hospital; children in pain looking for their parents who are either dead or in more severe physical pain then them. It’s painful even to think about it.


Talking about Palestine, I just want to make one thing clear. For showing solidarity with Palestinians some accused me of supporting Hamas. I don’t. I believe Hamas are one of the main reasons why peace cannot be found in the region.


So why do I talk about the Palestinians and not Jews? First of all, I have all sympathy for innocent Jewish civilians hit by rockets from Hamas. These are common people children, husbands, wives and parents of someone. What their government does is not their fault, yet they are still killed, and losing loved ones.


I empathise more with Palestinians because first of all they are being affected much more. For each Israeli killed in the conflict, a hundred Palestinians are killed.


Secondly, because before the retaliation (I’m not justifying it at all) by Hamas, the Israeli government closed Gaza with a wall, making it one big prison. The little food and medicine that reaches the place come from international aid worker organisations who have to struggle to be allowed getting these essential things in. Or there is another alternative – they are smuggled in by Hamas.


As much as I disapprove of Hamas, probably if I had my gums in such pain in Gaza, and they are the only ones who can help me getting medicated, my perception of them would be much different