Before I had watched yesterday’s program Xarabank, in which prostitution was discussed I believed it should be legalized. Now, I believe more strongly than ever that it should be legalized as soon as possible.


To make things clear, prostitution pre se is not illegal. Two people have the right to have sex even if one of them is doing it only for money. However, organised prostitution such as having a brothel isn’t.


During the program there were people who were pro-kegalisation, others pro but with reservations, as well as some anti-legalisation. Ironically these are the one’s that convinced me more how legalisation is so important.


One issue was loitering (which is illegal, but still practiced daily). Women hang out in the streets to attract cliends. Legal brothels would solve the problem. The other issue was (physical) health. By legalised prostitution monitoring for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) and Infections (STI’s) can be compulsory. (Having said that, nothing is foolproof and diseases might still be transmitted). Regarding physical health, legalisation helps protect prostitutes from clients who are sadistic or prone to violence.


However, what was mostly mentioned was mental health (of prostitutes). Prostitutes are much more prone to suffer from psychological disorders, especially severe depression. However does criminalising the act make thingss any better? I think it’s the other way round. (Once again, even if organised prostitution is legalised, many will still be prone to such psychological pain).


Who benefits most from leaving organised prostitution a criminal offence? The prostitute? No. The client? Neither. The stakeholders are the pimps. These are the one’s who will actually lose by legalisation.


Pimps don’t play by the rules. Their methods are intimidation, violence and corruption. These, especially the first two work best in illegal circles. If things are legal and controlled by the state, most of them become ‘unemployed’.


Finally there is another sector who will benefit from legalisation. We, the taxpayers.. Prostitutes consider what they do a job. I agree. But since my own job is legal, I am obliged to pay taxes. Prostitutes are considered as unemployes, don’t pay taxes and probably get unemployment allowance. If not by legalisation, how can the state insist on taxation?


One last thing, probably the most important. Those present in Xarabank who are pro-legalisation, stated they are not pro-prostitution itself when asked if they would like their daughter becoming a prostitute. I agree with them. They are not being hypocritical. Prostitution is unhealthy both physically and pschologically. It diminishes the dignity of both the prostitute and the client. There is no way I will condone it to anyone. If there is a person I respect contemplating choosing this life, I’ll be the first who tries to find her a more decent job.


I’m only in favour of legalisation. Protitution has been with us, is with us and will always be. It is considered as the oldest profession. Keeping it illegal just increases the damage done.


If a society wants to curb prostitution, focus must be on the causes, such as poverty, abuse and drug addiction.