Once again my passion music has met my passion for pro-environmental, anti-racist left wing politics, this time from a Maltese Anarcho/Punk band.

Subculture started out in Sept 2001 and is still alive and kicking, soon releasing their 4th CD ‘Revolt’. The main brain behind the band is Ray ‘il-Bahri’ Schembri, a friend of mine who literally lives for the music and his ideals.

Their first CD released was ‘From the Garage to the Streets’ where each song dealt with a political issue from racism, to globalisation, to animal rights. The music is Punk, fast and urgent, yet very melodic.

Though the band focused on different political issues, the theme they deal with most is animal rights, teaming up with Kenneth Cassar one of the most outspoken animal rights activists in Malta. Their third CD ‘Resist the Abuse’ dealt only with this issue and from the funds raised, in their typical original ways they produced a short ‘cartoon’ creating awareness, aiming for a 6-7 year old audience. The characters are simple and the basic idea is that animals have feelings like humans.

Subculture also performed in various pro-environmental, left wing, 1st May and anti-racist rallies, and also for a charity raising funds for children in institutes.

Learn more about the band and listen to their music on


Hope to see you on Saturday 20th September for the launching of ‘Revolt’