Unlike Santa, Larry Flint was a very controversial person who promoted pornography and made his own magazines. He was also a pain in the neck because the reasons he gave for what he was doing were valid.

Santa, is a good man that gives children sweets and one of Larry’s ‘mistakes’ was using him in a pornographic magazine. It was a cartoon where Santa was telling a woman what he brought her for Christmas, coming from Flint it doesn’t take much imagination as to what he brought. The controversy revolved on the fact that Santa has become a religious figure and what Larry was doing was blasphemy.

However, there is a hidden truth many don’t know. Santa has been hijacked, and not by Larry Flint. The Father considered as a religious icon is actually a product of Coca Cola.

Originally the idea comes from St Nicolas who was famous for giving gifts, especially to the poor. Unfortunately, Coke caught up with that and made Santa tailor made for them. Just consider the colours of his clothes and the fact that during Christmas time he appears on nearly every Coke advert.

Some might say, so what? Believe me this really matters. Coca Cola is one of the most notorious multinationals that ever existed. Apart from supporting totalitarian and brutal regimes, Coke is famous for its death squads, especially in South America. Under extreme distress for a very low wage South Americans, including children have to work for the company, or starve. Unlike cosy Europeans working for decent wages, employees of Coke are not allowed to form any type of Union. If they even dare to mention it, make sure that Coke funded mercenaries would efficiently take your life away.

Flint’s joke on Santa may be of a bad taste, however, nearly harmless. On the other hand, Santa’s hijacking by Coca Cola is responsible for murdering thousands of people, and hides the truth by affiliating with a myth about a Saint, that ironically was famous for helping the poor.

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