By now, Facebook has become a network that only few haven’t heard of. Some use it for networking, finding jobs, dating, just for fun and many other reasons. However, for some Egyptian people it symbolises the Face of liberation.

Unlike China, Egypt lacks certain technological expertise. The Chinese government have managed to censor nearly every dissident voice against him. When dissidents do speak out, they do it in foreign countries and their claims, rarely if ever arrive to the Chinese citizens. However, Moubarak’s regime in Egypt is not able to control the net as more and more people are now speaking out.

Facebook has become the favourite site for blogging, and courageous citizens, mostly students, now are free to criticise the regime. They are courageous since Egypt’s regime does manage to track down some of them, and imprison them.

However, for Moubarak things are running berserk. His undisputed leadership is under threat. After a dissident blogger is arrested, dozens of others start writing about his or her arrest. The individual is usually released within months, only to go blogging again.

Having said that, I’m still skeptic whether this can cause any major changes, and whether some lives will be lost, or some people just vanish into thin air. However the concrete blocks of dictatorship have started to disintegrate.

For now, let’s hope this thing will go on, and maybe a real earthquake manages to destroy the tyranny the people are living in.