Spam Mail

I am writing this after wasting nearly half an hour deleting spam from my email inbox. It’s boring and frustrating, a time waster, and sometimes makes one delete important emails by mistake. However today I also realised how much of it is actually obnoxious, and how for those (hopefully few) who do read the contents it may be harmful.

Nearly all spam I receive revolves advertisements about three issues – penis enlargement, getting thinner, and high quality watches. Luckily I’m old enough not to have complexes about size. However imagine a sixteen year old with a low self-esteem reading things such as ‘With our help you won’t make a fool of yourself anymore in front of your girlfriend’ The poor kid goes to the toilet and starts questioning whether he is fit, weather the last row with his girlfriend was the result of her frustration due to his organ’s size, and whether he should resort to buying these pills or whatever. May sound funny, but I believe some people do have similar complexes, which are not generated from need, but from the greed of people who want to make profit at any cost.

But if that’s not for girls, there is another complex these people donate – you are too fat. And I’m sure that everyone has been a victim or a friend of a victim usually female, possibly very attractive, worrying because she could not feel her ribs which is going to get her being dumped by her partner and/or ridiculed by her friends. Once again these unscrupulous entrepreneurs do not mind the psychological, sometimes also physical pain they are inflicting since this generates profit. Just to make one thing clear, when I’m talking about these unscrupulous people, I am definitely not referring to well meaning doctors who highlight the dangers of obesity. That’s a completely different issue.

And what about the watches. Once again it’s unnecessary social pressure. ‘With our diamond watch you will certainly impress your boss’ Great, so you are telling me that my boss is after my watch and what it implies, not for what I’m actually being paid for – work.

Why don’t they also combine these? Imagine this – With our diamond watch and 3 inches (more in the case of males and less in the case of females) you can get any partner and job your heart desires!

To add insult to injury, today I’ve realised the latest novelty – you can also buy letters. ‘Give a boost to your career with an MA or Phd after your name’. Then they go on tell you where to buy it and how much it costs. I think this is very offensive for people who have actually worked for that Masters or Doctorate Degree.

Their message is clear – you can buy love, knowledge, respect and everything else – in the form of pills, watches or letters. Obviously this is far from true. Unfortunately some people are in a vulnerable position, and the greedy birds of prey are quick to identify it and attack their victims.